Ioana Iorgu is an independent music producer, a self-taught guitarist, bassist and drummer. At the age of 14, while living in Malaysia, she was greatly inspired by her English teacher whom she played in a band with, and introduced her to some of her formative records. Ioana released her first instrumental album Silent Scream with songs she composed in 2015 and after that produced another EP, the shoegaze saturated Fiction. After experimenting with ambient music, Ioana kicked off a postpunk chapter employing dissonant guitar riffs, thumping bone-cold drum beats and spoken, unsettling vocals. All instrumentals and recordings are written & produced by Ioana herself. Live, she is accompanied by a session drummer. Ioana Iorgu is also part of the Grondslag musical trajectory and Popronde 2023.

With chaos as an agent of comfort, there is a stinging desire for change. The album Mean Time catches glimpses of the ordinary life, anxiety, grief, bitterness, heartbreak and anger in a rather satirical manner. The songs’ heavy primal instrumentation reveals unvarnished emotions and unspoken thoughts, directly contrasting Ioana’s often dissociative tone, creating an intimate yet crushing feeling. Time is mean. Yearning for the future. In the meantime, let’s just watch the world spin for a minute.